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The Chrysler 300 Will Reportedly Bow Out with Minimal Fanfare in 2020

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The Chrysler 300 Will Reportedly Bow Out with Minimal Fanfare in 2020

Since 2018, reports have claimed the Chrysler 300 will cease to exist following the 2020 model year. While it’s sad to see this iconic sedan disappear, it hasn’t seen a significant update since 2011 and is more than ready for the retirement home. Chrysler recently unveiled the 2020 300, and its lack of fanfare for its rumored final model year is shocking.

Visually, the 2020 Chrysler 300 will be identical to the current model, allowing it to spend one more year catering to nostalgic buyers who crave that traditional three-box look. The only notable change for the 2020 Chrysler 200 will be its new Red S Appearance Package for the 300S. The new package will add Black Noise-colored badges, a red insert on the Chrysler wing badge, and new 20-inch Black Noise wheels.

The only other exterior update will be three new colors: Amethyst, Frostbite, and Canyon Sunset.

Other than these very mild updates, it appears as if the Chrysler 300 will ride off into the sunset quietly. No special-edition model. No wild colors. No special packages. And worst of all, no Hellcat model to send if off in a cloud of tire smoke.

Who knows, maybe Chrysler will surprise us with a limited-edition farewell model later in the 2020 model year. Stay tuned for updates.

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