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Sony Might Be Building Your Next Car

(Credit: Sony)

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Sony Might Be Building Your Next Car

Sony logo

Sony logo (Credit: Sony)

One of the latest trends in the automotive industry is tech companies dipping their toes in the water. First, Google decided to begin experimenting with autonomous-drive vehicles, eventually settling on something that resembles a cross between a koala and an egg. Then, Apple starts scooping up Tesla engineers as it starts working on a clandestine electric car. Now it seems that Sony might be considering jumping into the fray with an all-electric vehicle of its own, according to a new report from Ecomento.

While some might consider the news that Sony or any other electronics manufacturer might start making cars to be a big joke, the tech giant could help shake up the industry further. Considering that the company has been around since 1946 and boasts a global headcount of over 130,000 employees, plus does considerable business around the world, it is a force to be reckoned with.

As of right now, nothing’s official. The news of Sony even contemplating making cars comes from a comment made by chief executive Kazoo Hirai during an interview with the Financial Times. Hirai believes that vehicle electrification has opened up a unique opportunity for companies such as Sony, allowing them to possibly claim a significant chunk of the automotive industry. But, Hirai was also careful to state that at the moment Sony doesn’t have any official vehicle plans in the works, but said “never say never.”

Already, Sony enjoys some presence in the automotive industry. It supplies cameras and sensors for a number of vehicles. The company also has valuable experience with lithium-ion batteries, which could give it an advantage when it comes to electric cars.

Like it or not, modern vehicles are increasingly electronic. This is especially true with electric cars, such as the Tesla Model S that receives over-the-air updates like a smartphone. With the increased connectivity features in vehicles, the bond between the automotive and tech industries will only continue to increase.

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