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Smart Keys Are Your Enemy

(Credit: Chrysler )

Car Safety

Smart Keys Are Your Enemy

We have yet another reminder of just how vulnerable “smart” key systems are to hacking attacks. The German General Automobile Club (ADAC) recently conducted research into just how many of these systems can allow thieves to unlock and start your car without the key, and it’s a pretty scary conclusion.

Out of 237 cars tested by technicians, 230 could be successfully unlocked and started by thieves without using the key. That’s not great news. There were an additional four cars that could either be unlocked or started, meaning only three vehicles resisted hacking attempts completely. Interestingly, all three were from Jaguar Land Rover.

While car theft rates have been falling, the growing popularity of smart keys could change that. They create a backdoor for people with limited technical knowledge and relatively cheap equipment to hack into any given vehicle. While car owners could throw their keys into a Faraday cage once they lock the doors, most people would think that solution is inconvenient.

Designers could start sewing Faraday cages into purses and clothes pockets. Or, automakers could explore ways to tighten up security. They might want to start by analyzing what Jaguar Land Rover is doing differently.

Source: Auto Express

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