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Report Details Tesla Manufacturing Shortcuts

(Credit: Tesla )

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Report Details Tesla Manufacturing Shortcuts

A new report from CNBC claims what many have suspected: to meet production goals for the Model 3, Tesla workers took shortcuts. Numerous reports before have detailed a myriad of reliability problems for the Model 3, something Tesla fans hotly deny but has been documented far too much to ignore.

Some of the worst stories in the report center around that General Assembly 4 tent set up outside the Fremont factory, adding another production line so the automaker could scoot more Model 3s out the door. The thing is pretty much nothing in the tent was automated, so workers were assembling the cars by hand. The promise initially was that once the automated lines inside were perfected, the tent would be taken down, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, workers who spoke to CNBC said they were under extreme pressure to complete work quickly, even if it wasn’t done properly. Some claim they sent cars down the line knowing full well they were missing bolts, which is just downright scary. In the cold weather, plastic brackets used to stabilize electronics critical to the operation of the cars would simply snap. Supervisors would direct the employees to fix the problem using electrical tape, which is something you’d expect from a shifty mechanic, not the factory.

Of course, Tesla denied the claims made by these unidentified workers. Considering the company has confirmed about 20 percent of all Model 3s were built in the tent, it’s understandable why this report is threatening.

Source: CNBC

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