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Rendered: Shelby GT350S

(Credit: TopSpeed)

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Rendered: Shelby GT350S

2016 Shelby GT350S rendering by TopSpeed

2016 Shelby GT350S rendering by TopSpeed (Credit: TopSpeed)

Ford has really rocked the boat with the new GT350, a car that introduces a number of firsts for the iconic pony car. The company is creating some wonderful variations of the track-focused vehicle, such as the GT350R. Now, TopSpeed has been able to use leaked details about the upcoming GT350S to put together a nice rendering showing what the new model might look like.

Reportedly, the new Shelby GT350S will replace the Boss 302S in the Pirelli World Challenge. It will give Ford a much-needed edge, thanks to the many technological innovations that the GT350 has introduced.

As you can see from the TopSpeed rendering, the automotive publication is anticipating that the race car will get a large carbon fiber front splitter, as well as a vented hood made of the same material. Air intakes in the front bumper and grille could also feed air into the engine compartment to help with aerodynamics.

The car will also likely receive some new side skirts, window louvres and lightweight wheels, further changing its look. It’s also a logical conclusion TopSpeed has arrived at that Ford Racing will offer BBS wheels as an option.

Around back, Ford should be adding a big wing made of carbon fiber, plus a diffuser made of the same lightweight stuff.

The interior should be seriously overhauled as well, just like the Boss 302S. That means fewer controls, allowing the driver to focus better. The steering wheel should be of the quick release variety, while a FIA-spec roll cage and Recaro racing seats with six-point harnesses will also be featured. The panels in the door and floor should also be deleted, helping shed unnecessary weight. A fire suppression system should also be in the mix.

For obvious reasons, the GT350S will likely be the lightest and most aerodynamic version of the car, making it well-suited for a full-time life on the track.

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