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Porsche Panamera Wagon Coming Stateside

(Credit: Porsche)

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Porsche Panamera Wagon Coming Stateside

Porsche Sport Turismo Concept

Porsche Sport Turismo Concept (Credit: Porsche)

There’s no denying that wagons are the ultimate vehicle. They blend fun and functionality perfectly, unlike crossovers.

Now you might not think “fun” when you hear Panamera, Porsche’s ugly sedan-thing. That’s probably because the car’s hideous rear end is so distracting that you don’t realize it’s actually not horrible. After all, the Turbo S goes 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds. Turning it into a wagon should fix everything, plus you’d be able to use it for Home Depot runs.

At first, the Porsche Panamera wagon wasn’t going to be sold in the States, because we still associate wagons with the Brady Bunch. According to Automotive News, the wagon doesn’t have a release date here yet. The updated Panamera sedan launches next year, along with the wagon in Europe.

The Panamera wagon idea isn’t completely shocking. After all, Porsche toyed with such an idea back in 2012 with the Panamera Sport Turismo concept. People loved the thing, because it looked so much better than the regular Panamera.

Test mules have been spotted, but heavy camo in the rear has made it difficult to tell how the production wagon will look. Automotive News claims a bench seat option will be available in the US.

The next-gen Porsche Panamera will debut at the Paris Motor Show this September. We’ll see how the thing looks, but hopefully everyone is pleasantly surprised.

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