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Now You Can Easily Track How Slowly Tesla Model 3s Are Being Made

Tesla Model 3
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Now You Can Easily Track How Slowly Tesla Model 3s Are Being Made

Are you one of hundreds of thousands who plunked down cash to reserve a Tesla Model 3, but are wondering if you’ll ever get a car? Tesla keeps promising production will pick up, and current says it will start churning out 2,500 cars a week by the end of March. But talk is cheap, which is why a new tracker from Bloomberg is such a great thing.

To accurately track how many Model 3s Tesla has built to-date, Bloomberg says it collects data from official government sources, social media, and even direct feedback from Tesla owners.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla has rolled out about 7,300 Model 3s. That’s not much, considering production started up last summer. Right now, about 1,000 are being made each week, so 2,500 might not be a huge stretch.

With about 450,000 reservations left, and at the current goal of 2,500 cars made each week, it will only take Tesla about three and a half years to get through them all. Of course, production should increase beyond the 2,500 units-a-week goal. Just don’t get your hopes up if you’re deep into the reservations line.

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