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Nissan 400Z Rumored to be Coming Soon

(Credit: Nissan)

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Nissan 400Z Rumored to be Coming Soon

Thank Autocar for this latest Z-car rumor: Nissan is working hard to release the 370Z successor, which will be called the 400Z. The car is coming in 2020, which is not too far out.

This comes after all the rumors that Nissan was going to let the Z line die, or turn it into another crossover. If true, this rumor should make quite a few enthusiasts breathe easier. All the concerns about developing a new sports car and the lack of financial justification seem to be brushed aside. Likely, Nissan will be eating some costs on this one, but the car is a matter of company image and pride. After all, Honda supposedly never made a red cent on the NSX, but it sure did change perceptions of the automaker.

Autocar claims the 400Z will share elements of its architecture with the next Infiniti Q60, including the platform, engines, and electric system.

It gets better: the Nismo model will pack a V-6 that pushes 475 horsepower. Oh, and it’ll feature all-wheel drive, like the GT-R. That sounds nice, but is it real? Autocar claims this info is coming straight from Nissan, but not everyone is buying it. We’ll all know soon enough if that’s true or not.

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