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Maserati Is Offering Warranties With Unlimited Miles

(Credit: Maserati )

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Maserati Is Offering Warranties With Unlimited Miles

Hell is probably frozen over. Not only is Maserati launching a certified pre-owned program, the associated warranty isn’t limited to a certain number of miles. Sure, Maserati slaps a six-year term on the warranty, but during that time you can drive to your heart’s content, enjoying the fine craftsmanship and likely bizarre things that will break.

This is wonderful news for anyone who loves Maseratis, but is leery of how easily they fail. Just know that the certified program just launched, so there isn’t a huge stock of vehicles in it. For a Maserati to qualify for the program, it must be within the new warranty period of 4 years or 50,000 miles. In addition, it has to meet the automaker’s standards for condition, and had proper servicing.

If you find a vehicle at a dealership with the factory warranty, you can always ask if it can be certified.

Also, know this isn’t a true bumper-to-bumper warranty. Maserati says it covers the engine, transmission, differential/driveshaft, suspension, steering, brake system, cooling system, fuel system, electrical components, and the climate control system. So anything else that breaks is on you.

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