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Kia and Amazon Make Charging Your Car Easier

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Kia and Amazon Make Charging Your Car Easier

One of the scariest things about buying a plug-in car is figuring out the best way to plug it in at home. Kia seems to get this and has recruited Amazon to take out the mystery.

Now you can peruse vehicle charger options on Amazon’s site in a special section for Kia plug-ins, plus learn more about what the chargers do. There will even be reviews on chargers just like other products, something people seem to love.

You can buy pretty much anything on Amazon, including car chargers. Not only that, the online retailer will help you set up an installation appointment for a 240-volt charger with a local licensed and insured electrician. Amazon even makes sure the person showing up at your house has gone through a background check.

Even better, the electrician’s fee is stated upfront, so you’re not dealing with the inevitable low estimate and then a shockingly high final bill. If that’s not enough, the installation and charger are both backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee, which is better than just hoping everything turns out.

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