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Juicy Details About Tesla Truck Leak

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Juicy Details About Tesla Truck Leak

The best rumors are the ones spread by an automaker’s CEO, at least that’s the case with Tesla. Elon Musk took to Twitter, as he’s wont to do often, and started spewing off supposed details about the upcoming Tesla pickup truck. Once you see the details, you’ll understand why not everyone is believing him.

First, the Tesla pickup will start at $49,000 or less. That’s an incredibly low price point, but wait until you hear what you get for that.

This pickup will out-muscle everything else, even heavy-duty truck models. Considering Tesla regularly uses superlatives for its other vehicles, like claiming the Model X is the “fastest SUV in the world,” that shouldn’t be shocking. Musk says his truck will tow 300,000 pounds, which really got everyone worked up in a lather.

What exactly does that mean? Once, Toyota towed the space shuttle using a Tundra. It was a publicity stunt. Mini towed an airliner using its new all-electric car, but neither vehicle would attain an SAE tow rating anywhere near the weight of those loads. Sure, electric motors produce tons of torque, but this figure is just too wild to even be taken seriously.

Range is supposed to be about 500 miles. That’s actually believable, considering a larger chassis allows for more batteries.

A dynamic self-adjusting suspension will be included, possibly only on some trims. That’s also not too far-fetched, so we’ll just roll with that one.

The fact that all these juicy details are being leaked by Musk at a time when Tesla is short on cash is likely no coincidence. Musk likes to make boisterous, oftentimes questionable claims as he starts drumming for fresh funding.

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