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Jeep Wrangler Pickup Definitely Coming

(Credit: Jeep)

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Jeep Wrangler Pickup Definitely Coming

Jeep Crew Chief 715

Jeep Crew Chief 715 (Credit: Jeep)

Jeep is actually going to release a Wrangler-based pickup truck in the near future, really. Plenty of enthusiasts think that reports from us and other car websites are just hollow rumors, because Jeep has been a major tease about making this vehicle.

But this time, things are different. Maybe it’s the Italian blood that’s mixing with the brand, or maybe it’s that Jeep has been seeing huge sales every year, but management is actually going to make good on the long-standing promise.

Not convinced? That’s understandable, but the Crew Chief concept that will be crawling over red rocks in Moab should be a big sign. Outside magazine talked to Mark Allen, Jeep Chief Designer, about the concept and basically said it shows off some major features of the production Jeep pickup.

One of the big details Allen dropped was that the upcoming truck will be a crew cab. He wouldn’t say exactly what other designs will make the cut, other than to confirm that the tailgate isn’t one of them. Allen also dashed many hopes, saying that the Kaiser-inspired front end is only a concept thing, because Jeep isn’t down with retro (which sounds suspicious, but whatever).

It’s possible the production model will in general look a lot like the Crew Chief, but the convertible top might be ditched for a hardtop. Expect a good-sized bed, hopefully six feet long, making it the ideal trail support vehicle and weekend toy hauler. As far as other details, we’re left to speculate and wait.

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