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Jeep Offers Custom Decals for Hood

(Credit: © Jeep)

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Jeep Offers Custom Decals for Hood

Custom Jeep Hood Decals

Custom Jeep Hood Decals (Credit: © Jeep)

Jeep is allowing owners to express themselves in a new way by offering custom hood decals that are maps of various off-road trails. The move is similar to how some performance cars feature the aerial view of different racetracks, like the Mustang Boss 302 and its tribute to Laguna Seca.

The new decals are made out of premium films from 3M and are supposedly designed to take the same kind of beating that Jeeps themselves handle when out on the trail. While Jeep owners will be able to choose from various iconic trails for their decal, they can also design their own, which is a nice touch for off-roaders who like a local trail that might not be as well-known to the rest of the community. Using the configurator on the Jeep website, owners can either type in the name of the preferred trail or the zip code where it is located. The configurator even allows for a point of interest to be added to the map.

In an interesting move, Jeep not only allows users to order topographical maps, but also allows for street-level versions presumably for city-dwellers who use their vehicle to crawl through concrete jungles. The variety of choices means that not everyone will have the same exact map on their hood, which will make Jeep meet-ups that much more interesting.

The decals themselves cost only $295, which is a solid deal considering they cover the entire hood. Right now, Jeep is only offering them for the Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. While owners can try to install the decals themselves, they also can have a preferred dealer or independent shop, which will of course add to the cost.

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