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Hondata Has Tuned the Accord for Monster Torque

(Credit: © Honda)

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Hondata Has Tuned the Accord for Monster Torque

You might not realize it, but the 2018 Honda Accord can come with the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-banger as the Civic Type R. It’s detuned, so people wanting something reasonable to drive to church each Sunday don’t get too excited.

Thanks to Hondata, you can now unlock plenty of performance in your Accord. In fact, the Stage 2 tune for the car means it pushes more torque than the Civic Type R, with an additional 85 lb.-ft. of torque over the stock setup. That means about 377 lb.-ft. of torque, putting to rest all those jokes about lug nuts requiring more torque than Honda engines make.

That same Level 2 tune adds about 22 horsepower, which is something. You can go to a Hondata dealer and have your Accord flashed for about $350. If you want to spend $695, you get the FlashPro tuner, which allows you to load and unload tunes whenever. Some versions even let you tweak the tune further, if you’re feeling adventurous or brave.

This isn’t the first time Hondata has done some cool stuff with Honda models, but these new turbo engines provide more possibilities.

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