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Honda Reveals the Updated 2015 CR-V

(Credit: © Honda USA)

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Honda Reveals the Updated 2015 CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V (Credit: © Honda USA)

There have been lots of spy shots of the revised CR-V floating around, but we had no idea to what extent Honda would revise its compact SUV. Today all of that mystery comes to an end as Honda has revealed an image of the 2015 CR-V that shows off a fully refreshed front end.

In the comparison images I created below you can better see the differences for 2015, as Honda’s short press release failed to mention what it changed. You can see that the basic shape of the front end hasn’t changed from the 2014 model, but the details are completely different.

2015 CR-V vs 2014 CR-V

2015 CR-V vs 2014 CR-V

The grille is far sportier as Honda eliminated the three thin horizontal bars and replaced them with one dark center bar and one chrome upper bar. Underlining the grille is one chrome strip that runs from headlight to headlight. However, If you look closely at the shape of the grille on the 2015 model you will see that it has the same basic shape as the 2014 model’s grille.

The headlights are also new, as they retain the same basic shape but appear slightly thinner than the 2014 model. Also different is the type of lighting, as the 2015 model appears to have projector low beams and halogen high beams. Surrounding each headlight is what appears to be an LED daytime running light that almost connects with the chrome strip under the grille.

On the lower section of the front end there are new, rectangular fog lights with a silver surround in place of the circular units set in a black inserts on the 2014 model. Finally, the insert under the front bumper is all-new and a ton sportier than what was on the 2014 model.

According to the press release, Honda will release the full details on the 2015 CR-V on September 30, 2014 and it will be available for sale on October 1, 2014.

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