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GM Won’t Ditch Sedans

(Credit: Cadillac )

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GM Won’t Ditch Sedans

While Ford is giving up on cars almost entirely in North America, GM is actually pouring more money into them. The Detroit Free Press reports that GM is sinking $175 million into a Lansing, Mich., factory that will whip out Cadillacs and Chevy Camaros.

Right now, the factory is producing Cadillac ATS and CTS cars. Both will be replaced with new models, so this investment is for the purpose of getting everything ready for them. Tooling and equipment will be updated, with the new vehicles debuting in the next three years, at the latest.

Already, plenty of automotive industry analysts think Ford pulling its sedans out of this market will directly benefit GM. Combine that with the fact that Cadillac executives are saying the brand is about to get super aggressive with its product lineup, including sedans, and things could get interesting.

If Ford later decides it wants to jump back into the car market in North America, it will have to deal with GM’s advancements. Sure, it can bring some models over from Europe, but European and American tastes don’t always intersect.

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