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Fiat Possibly Creating 124 Coupe

(Credit: Fiat)

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Fiat Possibly Creating 124 Coupe

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

2017 Fiat 124 Spider (Credit: Fiat)

If you’ve been curious about the new Fiat 124 Spider but don’t like the feeling of the wind in your hair (or on your scalp, if you’re bald), you just might be in luck. The Miata-based roadster could be offered in a coupe version.

This is all according to an Autocar report. You should know Autocar doesn’t cite a specific source, so this could also all be based on false hope.

The idea is that offering a coupe version of the 124 would help differentiate it from the Mazda Miata. Already, you get some better looks and a smidge better performance specs, but it sounds like the Italians might not be content with just that.

Most likely, Mazda will continue to not offer the Miata as a coupe in the North American market. While there’s the Miata RF or retracting roof coming in the future, that’s really just a hardtop convertible, not a coupe. The little Japanese roadster has a diehard fan base here, so why alienate them by betraying the car’s nature?

Fiat is admittedly struggling big time. The Italian brand needs to shake things up, draw in fresh blood and actually sell some cars. There are some people who really want a Miata coupe, which could result in some instant sales of the 124 Coupe.

What would be even better is if Fiat drew inspiration from the Abarth 124 Rally concept and included a roof scoop. That would really set the car apart from the Miata.

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