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Chrysler Secretly Preparing 300 Hellcat Model

(Credit: Chrysler )

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Chrysler Secretly Preparing 300 Hellcat Model

Chrysler is about to do something stupid and awesome: Hellcat the 300. The brand’s big sedan is getting old and honestly should’ve already been replaced. Instead, we got a spaceship-like minivan, which is cool, I guess.

Multiple automotive news outlets have magically spotted test mules for the Chrysler 300 Hellcat at the same time, almost like someone tipped them off. It appears Chrysler wants the current gen of the sedan to go out with a huge bang. This will completely overshadow the 300 SRT, which went away at the end of 2014.

To be honest, the car that was spotted is only wearing Demon wheels. We have no idea what’s under the hood, but it’s pretty obvious. The photographers who followed this Chrysler 300 said it sounded like a Hellcat, so there you go.

While I fully support a bonkers version of the Chrysler 300, this probably means something more. Like that Chrysler is getting ready to move on. This feels like a celebration of a car. It could be that the 300 is getting a complete redesign, or maybe that it’s going away completely, like the Town and Country.

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