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Chevrolet Will Release a Commercial Version of the Bolt

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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Chevrolet Will Release a Commercial Version of the Bolt

If you own a business or are a fleet manager and have an interest in the Chevy Bolt EV, but don’t need or want the rear seats, you’re in luck. Thanks to Jalopnik, we know that GM already filed NHTSA documents for such a model, and that it will be called the Bolt Incomplete. Yes, they got really creative with that one.

This makes sense. Just like the HHR, which was offered in a commercial version, the Bolt might be small, but it has a nice big hatch that’s perfect for loading and unloading stuff. Because it’s an electric car, maintenance should be far lower, which is music to any fleet manager’s ears. Businesses that want a more “green” appearance or are seeking credits for reducing their carbon footprint should flock to this thing.

Basically, other than the rear seats being deleted, we’re not sure what else will be different about this car. Sure, all kinds of upfits will be available, whether from GM or aftermarket shops. Supposedly it will be available to order any day now, so you might soon have a pizza or package delivered by a person driving a Bolt.

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