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7 of the Best Cheap Cars of 2013

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7 of the Best Cheap Cars of 2013

2013 Chevrolet Spark

2013 Chevrolet Spark (Credit: © Chevrolet)

2. Chevrolet Spark LS Hatchback

You can pick up one of these little hatchbacks for as little as $12,995. The exterior styling is not for everyone and the paint choices are also pretty wild, but some car buyers would count the car’s unique exterior as a plus and not a minus. The car also comes with a pretty wide array of standard features for the price, like air conditioning, power windows, power locks, alloy wheels and ten airbags to cover just about every nook and cranny of the vehicle’s interior. The downside of the Spark is the interior is pretty cramped and the suspension does not offer much in the way of cushioning. Still, the Spark LS Hatchback is spritely and fun to drive through the city streets.

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