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5 Very Fuel-Efficient SUV’s for 2013

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5 Very Fuel-Efficient SUV’s for 2013

2013-lexus-RX2013 Lexus RX

The cargo and passenger space that an SUV provides is hard to beat. Luckily, as the years have gone on and SUV’s have grown in popularity, vehicle manufacturers have managed to improve SUV fuel-efficiency while gas prices have climbed. Thanks to these improving technologies, it is now absolutely possible to enjoy an SUV while not paying an arm and a leg for gas each month. In fact, you have more choices these days than ever so if you are shopping for an SUV, look no further!

SUV’s come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with feature packages all the way from sporty to luxurious. It really depends on the type of lifestyle you live and type of SUV that you need. We have listed 5 different models from different manufacturers that will all appeal for their own unique reasons. Take a look, maybe one of them will catch your eye for your next vehicle!

  1. 2013 Lexus RX – 30 MPG Combined:
    While you may spend a little more than average purchasing a vehicle from Lexus, they really deserve every penny with their latest Lexus RX. They managed to perfectly balance performance and luxury with fuel efficiency. The RX 450h puts out an impressive 295 total system horsepower which makes it the current leader in its class. It’s no surprise that Lexus utilized amazing technology such as their Exhaust Heat-Recovery system to manage this kind of efficiency.

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