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Volvo Finally Reveals the New V60 Wagon

(Credit: Volvo Cars )

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Volvo Finally Reveals the New V60 Wagon

In humble Swedish fashion, Volvo chose to debut the new V60 wagon in the driveway of a suburban house. It shows that Chinese ownership hasn’t really altered the approach of this quirky automaker. Another piece of evidence is the car itself, which has an undeniably Scandinavian design.

As everyone knew, the V60 is smaller than the V90. It sits exactly 2 inches shorter in the wheelbase and 7 inches shorter overall. Still, it’s longer and wider than the old V60. It also sits lower to the ground, so handling might be better? All of this is good news, because the previous V60 honestly was cramped on the inside, being a far cry from the V70, a wagon I personally owned and crammed all kinds of stuff into.

Among the interesting details is the fact that Volvo will offer two plug-in hybrid powertrains, at least for the European market. We’re waiting for information on what’s coming to North America, but the gasoline-only turbocharged T6 engine is a shoe-in. The rest we’ll have to see about.

All those safety goodies you’d expect in the V60 are part of the mix: upgraded Pilot Assist, Autobrake, City Safety, Cross Traffic Alert, crazy-comfortable seats that reduce injuries in a crash.

We don’t know when this new wagon will hit the market, but I’ll guess by fall? Pricing is a mystery, too, but expect it to match the increases seen across the new Volvo lineup.

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