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Dyson Gets Serious About Building Cars

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Dyson Gets Serious About Building Cars

A while ago, news started to pour out that vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson wants to start making electric cars. All the jokes erupted, then everyone promptly forgot about this little nugget of knowledge.

Automotive News China recently ran a story all about how the British company might take production of its EVs to China. That’s not shocking, because the country is a hotbed of electrification, thanks to the government pushing it big time. Making your cars where they’re likely going to be sold the most is often a good idea.

Apparently, Dyson has been feeling out the potential to get a dealership network in China fleshed out overnight. With the first electric car from the company due to come out in 2021, now’s the time to get everything set up. The report says Dyson is looking to only make a few thousand vehicles at first.

Two more EV models are in the pipeline, showing that Dyson is serious about jumping into the car market with both feet. Everyone is wondering what kinds of vehicles Dyson will make and how successful it will be. I’m curious if any will be sold in the US.

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