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Turo Seeks to Disrupt the Car Rental Market

(Credit: Turo and Ford )

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Turo Seeks to Disrupt the Car Rental Market

Let’s face it: renting cars can be a horrendous experience. Not only do you usually get some completely garbage vehicle, you have to sign acres of paperwork and tell some underpaid worker repeatedly you don’t want to buy the overpriced additional insurance package. Turo looks to upend all that so nobody needs to suffer more.

Since 2009, this San Francisco-based company has sought to provide the cars people want to rent where they need them. It also allows you to make passive income from your vehicle. That’s right: you rent cars from locals. That means no guessing what kind of car you’re going to get stuck with again.

If you need a truck to move furniture, Turo allows you to track one down quickly. Need something flashy to take to an event? There are all kinds of unique, beautiful cars available on the service. Have a thing for Saabs? Do you prefer GMCs? Are you only wanting to drive stick shifts? You’d be surprised at the sheer variety of vehicles available through the service.

According to Turo, it has over 800 different makes and models with coverage for over 4,500 cities around the globe. If you’re interested in renting out your car, the average owner makes over $720 each month. Even better, people with three or more cars listed make on average over $3,000 every month. Meanwhile, renters find they save about 35 percent versus using traditional car rental agencies

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