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Toyota Saves the Supra Reveal for Geneva

(Credit: Toyota)

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Toyota Saves the Supra Reveal for Geneva

If you, like me and a lot of enthusiasts, were hoping for an awesome Supra reveal in Detroit this year, the show might’ve felt a little anti-climactic. Sure, there were other great cars there, but Toyota chose to unveil the super-exciting 2019 Avalon instead.


Never fear, though, because we’re finally seeing the Supra in Geneva. No, really, stop laughing, crying, rolling your eyes, or whatever. Auto Express claims to have an inside scoop on this car. Yeah, we’ve heard that before, so if you’re skeptical, join the crowd.

As previously reported, the Supra won’t be branded a Toyota. Instead, it will be a Gazoo Racing model. Toyota has plans to give us all kinds of on-the-road excitement with Gazoo, including a modified Prius.

With all this waiting, Toyota better know the new Supra has to be epic — like 800-plus horsepower, tires that allow the thing to drive upside down on the underside of bridges, and other ridiculous demands. Oh, and it must shoot flames out at people who pull up too close behind you at lights.

Supposedly, the car will be called the Supra, after reports that even that name was under question. It’s almost like Toyota wants to screw this up. I wonder how many heart attacks have been attributed to the turbulent Supra news during the past few years?

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