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Toyota MR2 Revival Talk Gets Real

(Credit: Toyota)

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Toyota MR2 Revival Talk Gets Real

There’s been talk for some time about Toyota possibly bringing back the Celica or the MR2. Most have been hoping the latter of the two is the one that wins out, and it looks like that might come to pass with the help of Porsche.

No, this story isn’t based on some dumb rumors automotive journalists made up to get clicks. Instead, got this straight from Toyota Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada. This is the man who built bridges with BMW, making the return of the Supra possible. While plenty of people laughed, the Supra is starting to prove critics wrong.

In other words, Tada is the real deal. Now he wants to resurrect another performance legend from Toyota’s past.

Working with Porsche would be brilliant, if the German automaker wants to play ball. After all, with two excellent mid-engine models in production right now, Porsche is the perfect one to formulate a solid modern MR2. It would probably have a boxer engine, too, making it the second such engine in a modern Toyota.

There’s just one catch: Tada didn’t say Toyota is working with Porsche or that the MR2 is coming back. So for now, all we can do is speculate.


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