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Toyota FT-1 Concept – The New Supra?

(Credit: © Toyota)

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Toyota FT-1 Concept – The New Supra?

Last month, in America’s Motor City, at the 2014 North American Auto Show the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) unveiled what could eventually evolve into a modern version of possibly the most beloved (and lost) Japanese sports coupe ever created. Of course, this could only be the iconic Toyota Supra.

Toyota FT-1 2014 Concept

Toyota FT-1 2014 Concept (Credit: © Toyota)

Toyota called upon Calty Design Research, with facilities that are located in California and Michigan, USA, to develop what could be the most radical performance coupe ever produced by the monumental Japanese automaker. Calty, which took part in the design of the original Supra as well as many other groundbreaking Toyota models, is a subsidiary of Toyota. It seems that all the signs are pointing to the FT-1 Concept replacing the Supra as the new darling of Toyota enthusiasts around the globe. Toyota called the FT-1 “a symbol of their design future and a spiritual pace car for an ever evolving TMC.”

The exterior appearance of the FT-1 Concept is very aggressive, with deeply contoured lines, carefully sculpted air intakes, and a very low center of gravity. The massive front air dams, long sloping hood with transparent insert, and Xenon headlights trimmed with LED effects, seem to sneer at the road in a silent challenge. The rear resembles a gran Turismo racer with large air outlets, a dramatic adjustable spoiler, and exhaust tips that exit through tight lipped openings in the rear fascia.

The engine, visible through the transparent opening in the hood, will undoubtedly be powerful. Unfortunately there is little information on the subject at this time.

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