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Top 5 All-Electric Cars to Buy in 2014

(Credit: © Ford)

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Top 5 All-Electric Cars to Buy in 2014

Nobody is asking who killed the electric car these days, because the electric car is very much alive and well. A growing number of automakers are offering cars with a fully-electric powertrain, moving one step beyond hybrid technology and eliminating a need for gas. Part of what’s fueling the increase in electric vehicle models is the increasing availability of public charging stations, combined with a better educated public that is beginning to understand the benefits of using electricity to power a car.

That being said, not all electric cars are made equal. Like internal combustion models, some are more efficient than others. Different electric vehicles offer different levels of comfort and utility, which of course are important in a car you spend countless hours inside each week. If you are in the market for an electric car, check out these top 2014 models.

2014 Ford Focus Electric

2014 Ford Focus Electric (Credit: © Ford)

1. Ford Focus Electric

The Blue Oval is jumping into the all-electric market with its highly popular Focus compact car. The Focus has won over quite a number of drivers and car reviewers with its European-like handling dynamics. The interior also features quality materials and a level of craftsmanship not seen in most compact vehicles. The miles per gallon equivalent or MPGe estimate from the EPA for the Focus Electric is 105 combined, which is impressive.

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