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The Supra Will Debut in Detroit

(Credit: Toyota )

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The Supra Will Debut in Detroit

The long wait is almost over! We’ve already seen the production BMW Z4, which shares its chassis with the upcoming Toyota Supra. This upcoming January we’ll see the production version of the Supra in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show, per info uncovered by members of the Supra MKV forum.

This process has been ridiculously long and drawn out. Exactly why is a mystery, because Toyota is known for being efficient in developing and launching vehicles. For whatever set of reasons — maybe the previously depressed state of the global economy, shoppers being irrationally in love with crossovers, or some interesting internal cultural norms that have made Toyota overly boring for too long — we’ve been teased with the promise of a production Supra since at least 2014 when the FT-1 concept debuted.

Since then we’ve also seen a camouflaged prototype and heard all kinds of interesting things about the car. But seeing the final details of what the production model will look like has been held back.

That also means Detroit will come with all the nitty gritty details like performance specs. Prepare for much whining from people who’re horsepower obsessed, because Toyota’s already braced us for the fact the Supra won’t be pumping 700 ponies or anything near that. Even more interesting will be pricing. We still don’t know what the BMW Z4 will go for, but it’s expected to start north of $50,000. Expect the Supra to not be exactly cheap, either.

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