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Porsche Reveals Impressive Specs for the Taycan EV

(Credit: Porsche )

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Porsche Reveals Impressive Specs for the Taycan EV

We can all stop speculating about the upcoming Porsche Taycan. The German automaker finally revealed specs for the production version of the EV, which is based on the Mission E concept. They’re impressive and show how serious the brand is about electrification.

First, the Taycan’s drivetrain operates at 800 volts, something that sets it apart from other electric cars. There are numerous advantages with this approach, including thinner cables and a lower curb weight. The battery consists of 4-volt cells and has an energy density of 270 watt-hours per kilogram. That’s supposed to improve consistently, thanks to battery tech constantly marching forward.

Driving range of about 311 miles. Porsche is transparent enough to disclose that range is possible when the ambient temperature is between 68 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the Porsche combined charging system, the battery can achieve an 80 percent charge in 15 minutes.

As for what moves the car forward, it’s a pair of permanently excited synchronous motors. That’s the same tech used for the 919 Hybrid. Porsche says the permanent rotary motion means quicker response and overall better performance. Combined output is over 600 horsepower. Porsche says the Taycan can do 0-6 mph in under 3.5 seconds, which is pretty quick. Likely there will be even quicker versions of the car later, so that’s a good jumping-off point.

What we don’t know at the moment is how much the Porsche Taycan will cost. That should be released closer to the car’s market launch in late 2019.

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