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Performance Tesla Model 3 Orders About to Open

(Credit: Tesla )

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Performance Tesla Model 3 Orders About to Open

Tesla will start taking orders for dual-motor and performance versions of the Model 3 any day now, per a tweet from CEO Elon Musk. As we’ve seen, Tesla most definitely will take the reservation deposits as nice advances on its withering cash flow, then encounter problems with production.

Speaking of making these new versions of the Model 3, Musk assures everyone that’ll start in July. So, expect production to begin in September.

If you really want to go all-out on the EV sedan, Tesla will also be offering it with an air suspension. Musk briefly mentioned that feature, saying it’ll be in the production mix “prob” next year. Again, don’t hold your breath.

Up until now, all Model 3s have shared the same configuration: a long-range battery and rear-wheel drive. That’s going to change, and it’s about time.

To be fair, Tesla is gearing up to start churning out Model 3s day and night to catch up with all those orders that haven’t been fulfilled. The company claims it has tracked down the causes of production problems, but we’ve heard that before.

Production has punched above 2,000 units a week. If you believe the fanboy sites, it’s now nearing 4,000 units. That might be, but there’s nothing to substantiate those claims, yet. Musk has indicated the new goal is 6,000 cars rolling off the production line each week.

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