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New Hydrogen Council Proves Alternative Fuel Far From Dead

(Credit: Daimler)

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New Hydrogen Council Proves Alternative Fuel Far From Dead

Hydrogen Council (Credit: Daimler)

Thought hydrogen fuel was dead? You might want to rethink that. Daimler, Honda, BMW, Hyundai and Toyota recently met with 7 other energy, transportation and auto industry companies in Switzerland for the first Hydrogen Council. There are some pretty big powers still backing this alternative fuel, even though electric cars have been gaining popularity.

Sure, hydrogen-powered cars have some drawbacks right now. So did electric cars 20 years ago. Daimler and the other Hydrogen Council members think it’s a “versatile

energy carrier.” The tech surrounding the delivery and use of hydrogen fuel has made some advancements in the past few years. That alone is spurring this innovation forward.

This is a big deal, because cracking the code for hydrogen fuel isn’t going to be easy, or cheap. If Tesla and Renault Nissan were able to finally figure out EVs on their own, a coalition like this could make hydrogen the fuel of the future. Or it could end in a lot of money spent on nothing. Considering the recent advancements, that doesn’t look likely.

Not only is the Council supporting research, it’s working to influence government policies and even public opinion. So we definitely haven’t seen the demise of hydrogen, at least not yet.

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