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New Ford Bronco Sounds Killer

(Credit: Ford )

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New Ford Bronco Sounds Killer

It sounds like Jeep is about to have a Ford problem. New details about the new Bronco were leaked after a dealer meeting. If they’re even partially true, it’s apparent the SUV will be aimed squarely at the Wrangler.

This sounds like a retro-inspired yet modern off-roader designed for people who actually play in the dirt. Round headlights, a rectangular grille, plus “Bronco” splashed across the front make it clear what this SUV is all about — and it gets even better.

We’re talking about a two-door SUV, something you just don’t see these days, except in the Wrangler lineup. That layout helps with breakover angle, something only people obsessed over trail capabilities will care about. Like the Wrangler Unlimited, there also will be a four-door Bronco.

You’ll be able to remove the top and doors from the Bronco. When was the last time a non-Jeep SUV offered that? It’s been a while. Ford told dealers the doors and roof will stow in the cargo area, something you can’t do with the Wrangler. Plus, the side mirrors are mounted to the A-pillars, eliminating the need for all kinds of crazy aftermarket solutions to which Jeepers flock.

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