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Land Rover Teases New Range Rover Sport RS

(Credit: Youtube)

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Land Rover Teases New Range Rover Sport RS

2015 Range Rover Sport R-S Spied

2015 Range Rover Sport R-S Spied (Credit: Youtube)

Land Rover, like its twin brand Jaguar, is preparing to unleash a dizzying array of new models in an effort to make some serious waves in the worldwide automotive industry. You should expect to see many if not all of the new models come to the United States, including the recently teased Range Rover Sport RS. Industry spy photographers have caught camoflauged versions of the upcoming model out testing, but the new teaser video only shows the new SUV model speeding by quickly, making it even harder to tell what it looks like.

The teaser video was shot at the famous Nurburgring racetrack in Germany, which is a favorite spot for automakers to test out performance-oriented models. While some companies use the backdrop of the racetrack as more of a gimmick to make consumers think their car is fast, Land Rover doesn’t appear to be bluffing. The new model is expected to pack the same engine as the Range Rover Sport Supercharged, only with modifications to increase output to about 550 horsepower. The new model should also have at least fairly extensive modifications done to the suspension, aero, and brakes.

Spy video of the model being tested on the Nurburgring have revealed that the engine sounds absolutely brutal. It’s not surprising, considering Land Rover’s reputation for creating some surprisingly capable vehicles for years now.

The Ranger Rover Sport RS will jump in the ring against over high-performance utility vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG and the BMW X5 M. Expect a final price that comes in well over $100,000.


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