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Land Rover Announces Upgrades for Range Rover

(Credit: Land Rover)

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Land Rover Announces Upgrades for Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover ATPC system

Land Rover Range Rover ATPC system (Credit: Land Rover)

Land Rover has announced a number of upgrades that will go into the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, with the majority geared at making the luxury SUVs even more adept at off-roading. One of the biggest changes is a new All-Terrain Progress Control system that will be included on all models. The driver can use the system to set a certain speed, and the vehicle maintains it without any further input from the pedals.

Some are dubbing the new system as the SUV’s “autopilot” even though the only thing it does is keep a consistent speed, not provide any steering inputs. A more accurate description is that the system is an off-road version of cruise control. As the Range Rover rolls forward, the system makes any necessary adjustments if traction is compromised or the suspension articulates beyond certain parameters. This means the driver can concentrate on other tasks while negotiating difficult terrain, knowing that the SUV will continue moving forward. The system can be used in forward and reverse gears, and at speeds of 1 to 19 mph.

The Ranger Rover lineup will be joining a growing list of vehicles that come with a head-up display. Certain data is projected onto the windshield, allowing the driver to keep eyes on the road while being notified of things like vehicle speed and warnings, at least in theory. The system allows the driver to determine in advance what information is projected onto the windshield, making it even more convenient.

Some styling updates are also coming, allowing buyers to personalize their purchase more than before. Both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport can be had with a new paint color called Yulong White, while only Sport models can be had dressed up with Kaikoura Stone paint. Buyers can also option for fixed panoramic models on the two models, as well as power blinds to help shut out sunlight when needed.

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