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Journalist Does Dozens of Hard Pulls in Porsche Taycan

(Credit: YouTube )

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Journalist Does Dozens of Hard Pulls in Porsche Taycan

With the Porsche Taycan creeping closer to production, we keep learning more and more about what it’s like. One thing Porsche has been upfront about it even back before we knew the name would be Taycan is that it’s supposed to allow you to drive it hard without the battery rapidly draining. The video of Jonny Smith from Fully Charged proves this will be a reality.

Smith is the first non-Porsche employee to drive the Taycan, with the exception of Mark Webber. He’s encouraged by Porsche representatives to keep doing hard pulls from 0 to 62 mph, racking up dozens in the video without the car needing to be plugged in.

I can tell you from personal experience with the Tesla Model S P100D when you do this kind of hard acceleration over and over the battery drains extremely fast. Sure, the Tesla is super quick, quicker than the Taycan, but if you drive too hard you could end up getting stranded or having to find a charging option that isn’t too far away. It’s a problem.

It’s interesting how Porsche is taking a different approach to electric cars. This is why more competition is better.

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