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Ford Using Mustang and Bronco for Future Models

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Using Mustang and Bronco for Future Models

You’ve probably heard about the rumored “Baby Bronco” or small off-road SUV Ford’s been developing. If not, now you have. Anyway, it’s a sign of things to come. The Blue Oval will start creating product families around the Bronco and Mustang, so everything is about to change.

Ford needs more home runs. The American automaker has been bleeding out financially for years and the current CEO was brought on specifically to turn things around. That usually means big changes. Leveraging two iconic vehicles to make more vehicles people actually want is one way to do that.

This means rumors of a Mustang sedan probably aren’t so far-fetched. Neither is the Mustang crossover that keeps getting tossed around. CEO Jim Hackett told MotorTrend the Mustang derivatives are going to be done with care. After all, watering down the Mustang name would pretty much do Ford in financially.

As for the Bronco family, all will be capable off-roaders. Not only will there be a smaller SUV, a pickup truck that will compete with the Jeep Gladiator is also coming.

So this isn’t going to be like what doomsayers are claiming. There will be no Mustang minivan or anything completely ridiculous. Each product family will keep a core identity. But there’s no guarantee this plan will actually work.

Source: MotorTrend

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