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Ford Ramps Up Medical Gear Production

(Credit: Ford)

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Ford Ramps Up Medical Gear Production

You or someone you know could be saved by a Ford F-150, or at least parts from one. That’s not just hyperbole because Ford has entered the race to build medical equipment as we brace for more COVID-19 patients throughout the United States. The automaker has figured out how to make equipment by repurposing parts that were destined to go in vehicles like the F-150.

Ford medical equipment manufacturing (Credit: Ford)

When you really think about this development, it’s inspirational. After all, when World War II was in full swing once the U.S. got involved, automakers across the country stopped making cars and instead pumped out military vehicles and other equipment for the war.

It’s excellent to know that spirit of dropping everything to help when the situation is dire hasn’t drained out of this country. Also, it’s great to see how quickly we can think of creative solutions to complex problems like the shortage of medical equipment, both to keep health care workers safe and to keep patients alive.

Ford medical equipment manufacturing (Credit: Ford)

Of course Ford isn’t alone in this effort. The automaker has teamed up with 3M and GE Healthcare. UAW has also jumped in, working to assemble over 100,000 plastic face shields each week at a Ford plant.

“This is such a critical time for America and the world. It is a time for action and cooperation. By coming together across multiple industries, we can make a real difference for people in need and for those on the front lines of this crisis,” said Bill Ford, Ford’s executive chairman, in a recent press release.

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