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Ford Hires 1000 People, Demand for Pickup Trucks is Up

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Ford Hires 1000 People, Demand for Pickup Trucks is Up

F150 Truck

The Ford Motor Company is currently hiring more than 1,000 additional workers to help supply a growing demand for the F-Series pickup trucks. These 1,000 jobs are part of a total 2,000 job expansion. We cannot help but think that this massive sudden demand is being fueled by the recovering housing and construction market. Either way, it’s fantastic news for Ford because regular car sales have started to slow down after increasing healthily for the past 3 years.

Why exactly would there be such a large increase in sales of 19% to be exact? As I mentioned earlier, the F-Series trucks are popular with contractors, small businesses, and even on the fleets of the larger corporations. The newer model F-Series trucks are also more fuel efficient and Ford is offering sold incentive plans. It’s easy to see why, as the economy picks up, businesses would want to trade in their older models to save in the long run.

This is what I would call a cherry on top for Ford’s business. They have gone through some tough times since 2006 including shutting down plants with high overheads and low efficiency. Fortunately for them, I think they have come out of the cycle as a stronger company who has learned from their mistakes. Hopefully we will watch them continue to grow and optimize their business. Keep those tough trucks and factory incentives coming Ford!

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