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Ford Bronco Reveal Slated for March

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Bronco Reveal Slated for March

Finally, after waiting for what seems like forever, Ford will reveal the all-new Bronco in March. This news was passed out to dealers this week, so we know it’s not just some questionable rumor. At the same time there’s no firm date for the reveal, so everyone can start guessing about that.

Speculation about the new Ford Bronco is high and so is interest. And it’s no wonder, considering it’s supposed to have a removable roof and doors — something you’ve only been able to get on a Jeep Wrangler for some time. Plus, it’s not every day an automaker comes out with a new SUV that can actually, really off-road.

We’ll also see the new Ford Bronco Sport, which was been nicknamed the Baby Bronco before the official name was leaked, sometime in April. This one is a crossover, or a unibody trying to look tough. It will appeal to urban dwellers who don’t really venture out into nature much, so it should be a nice cash cow. Since the New York Auto Show is going on that same month, it’s reasonable to assume that’s what the reveal will be attached to.

These launches are incredibly important for a bloodied Ford, which hobbled out of the sedan market. It needs shoppers to fall in love with the new Bronco lineup and shell out for them in droves, because the Blue Oval is in desperate need of the cash. Considering how hungry people are for SUVs, the plan will probably work.

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