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Ford and ARB Work Together to Improve the Ranger

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford and ARB Work Together to Improve the Ranger

The new Ford Ranger was born for off roading, even if some people want two-wheel-drive models. To help promote this image, the Blue Oval has tapped ARB 4×4 Accessories to help develop trail-worthy components for the pickup truck.

As a first step, the two companies have revealed a winch-capable front bumper for the Ranger. It’s a dealer-installed option, so you don’t have to fret if you already bought a Ranger, because you could opt to have it installed.

More components will be announced soon (cough, cough, SEMA Show). You can bet among them will be some sweet roof racks, snorkels, auxiliary lights, and air compressors/accessories, to name a few possibilities.

Just how many parts Ford and ARB will release is a mystery, but don’t be surprised if the selection starts out small, then gets bigger if people show interest. Jeep dealers have cleaned up by installing accessories on Wranglers, so this move will likely pay off big time.

Of course, you could still get aftermarket parts from anywhere, but having a Ford dealer install accessories usually means not having to worry about warranty problems later. That’s the carrot they dangle in front of you.

That winch-capable front bumper will sell for $1,495 MSRP, but that doesn’t include installation.

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