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Edmunds Reveals Excessive Problems for Tesla Model 3

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Edmunds Reveals Excessive Problems for Tesla Model 3

People have plenty of things to say about Tesla and the Model 3. The big problem is that most of those opinions aren’t well-informed, so you’re really just getting different individual’s agendas. Fortunately, we have Edmunds to give us a no-fuss assessment of its experience with long-term testing for the Model 3. The process is still ongoing, but already the website has had to deal with a ton of problems.

One issue that keeps coming up is the sound system’s volume would just turn itself up with no way of turning it back down. Sometimes this happened with nobody inside the car, demonstrating some serious electrical gremlins.

Other problems Edmunds experienced is the keycard not being recognized, keeping the transmission from going into gear, even though the car would unlock. Sometimes the backup camera video feed wouldn’t show up on the screen. The navigation screen would zoom or scroll by itself, or sometimes turn pixelated so it was completely useless. Another one was that single screen in the car being completely black after starting the motor.

That’s just a sampling of the problems. Edmunds did have some positive things to say about the Model 3, like how much cargo space it had for the car’s size and the excellent handling drivers enjoy. It also noted that ride comfort is low and the door handles are unnecessarily difficult to use. Edmunds will continue to drive the car, and it looks like the number of problems will only increase.

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