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Chevy Wants Ford Mustang Owners to Switch to the Camaro

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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Chevy Wants Ford Mustang Owners to Switch to the Camaro

GM is so good at making jokes — it’s trying to lure Mustang owners away from Ford by offering $2,500 if they buy a new Camaro. I mean, we’re a long way from April Fools Day, but a good gibe is always welcome.

You see, the thing is just about no Ford Mustang owners are going to take the bait. Camaro sales are down, way down, falling below the Dodge Challenger to third place among muscle cars. Meanwhile, the Mustang enjoys a monstrous lead over the Camaro. So GM’s plan is to throw a little bit of a discount at shoppers?

Great plan, GM. Did you stay up all night thinking of this one?

Conquest deals like this one works when you have a compelling product. That little bit of cash could be what gets shoppers looking at your car. But let’s face it, the Camaro’s problems run deep.

The design of the car is anything but great. Rearward visibility problems, a cramped backseat (yes, some people actually use it), and polarizing looks are just some of the reasons it isn’t selling. If GM was really serious it would admit defeat, go back to the drawing board, and create a Camaro people actually want. Instead, company brass goes with this plan. It’s almost like they don’t get what shoppers want.

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