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Audi E-Tron Reveal Delayed

(Credit: Audi )

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Audi E-Tron Reveal Delayed

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’re already aware Audi’s CEO is sitting in a jail cell, thanks to his alleged role in a diesel emissions cheat scheme. That little detail is putting a kink in the plan to reveal the new E-Tron all-electric SUV on Aug. 30, so Audi’s pushing that date back.

Not only is that reveal being knocked back to an as-yet unspecified date, the location is changing. The reveal was supposed to take place in Brussels, but now it will happen in the United States. An Automotive News report doesn’t state where exactly that would be, so begin the speculation. I’ll contribute by saying the Los Angeles Auto Show is the perfect forum, in case Audi brass is reading this.

Now this means Mercedes-Benz will beat Audi to the punch, revealing its EQC all-electric SUV first. Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are always trying to one-up each other in all sorts of things, like three insecure high school jocks.

To be clear, this delayed reveal will not mean the E-Tron is going to hit the market later. Audi reiterated in a press release that the vehicle will still hit the streets on time, which is probably early next year here in the US.

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