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Another Week, More Toyota Supra Rumors

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Another Week, More Toyota Supra Rumors

BMW finally showed off the Z4 Concept, after making everyone guess that it would be called the Z5, and plenty of other crazy things. If Toyota would just hurry up and reveal the new Supra, I think a lot of enthusiasts would be able to rest easier at night.

Instead, we’re subjected to the rumor mill, and it’s all over the place. Case in point, not too long ago we heard there was no way the Supra would have a manual transmission. Considering the trouble with manuals and modern high-powered cars, plus the flat-out laziness of today’s drivers, it was believable. Well, now some unnamed insider in Toyota “leaked” information on the IH8Mud forum, and everyone’s taking it as gospel truth. Namely, this informant says the Supra will have a manual option.

Look, I want to believe this rumor, and obviously plenty of other people do, too. But my heart can’t take all this back-and-forth stuff. For some reason, I have a growing anxiety about the Supra, more than before the new NSX launched, and more than for the C8 Corvette.

If this unnamed Toyota source is right, the Supra won’t have the heart of a BMW inline 6-cylinder. I never believed that, because Toyota is rather well-versed in the kind of engine the new Supra should have. Expect a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 good for 400 horsepower, but supposedly BMW helped develop it. There was absolutely no mention of a turbo 4-cylinder.

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