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Alfa Romeo Will Update the 4C

(Credit: Alfa Romeo )

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Alfa Romeo Will Update the 4C

I love the Alfa Romeo 4C, a car people who like luxurious rides really hate. To me, it’s automotive engagement in pure form. But, the little car is getting long in the tooth. Now we know Alfa Romeo will update it, thanks to what Roberto Fedeli, head engineer for Alfa Romeo, told Autocar recently.

These changes are coming for the 2019 model year. The big shift will be in the steering and suspension systems. A new engine might be in the mix, but those sorts of updates are expensive, and Alfa Romeo is skating on thin financial ice, so let’s not get our hopes up.

Fedeli said the new 4C will be a genuine “halo car” that will celebrate the brand’s return to Formula 1. Sounds intriguing, and a little vague.

This new and improved 4C should hit the scene in the latter part of 2018, maybe in Geneva or Paris?

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