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7 of the Best 2014 Cars for the Money

(Credit: © Dodge)

Car Buying Advice

7 of the Best 2014 Cars for the Money

2014 Tesla Model S

2014 Tesla Model S (Credit: © Tesla Motors)

6. Tesla Model S – MSRP from $69,900

Once called “vaporware” by electric car critics, the Model S has made huge waves in the automotive industry. Official estimates of the EV’s value retention are still not available since it debuted in 2013, but already the car is highly sought after, especially by well-heeled car shoppers. The exterior is rather attractive and surprisingly sophisticated, as is the spacious interior. Because of the electric power, the Model S drives smoothly and with little noise. Since Tesla is in the mode of constructing Super Chargers all over the United States, owning a Model S is becoming an increasingly more practical proposition. Going with the largest battery pack provides a driving range that is close to or even with various gasoline-powered cars, of course depending on what auxiliary features are used and how the car is driven.

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