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6 of the Best 2014 SUVs Under $25,000

(Credit: © Kia)

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6 of the Best 2014 SUVs Under $25,000

2014 Honda CRV

2014 Honda CRV (Credit: © Honda)

4. Honda CR-V – MSRP from $22,945

The CR-V is one of the most impeccable vehicles currently made by Honda, which is a company that prides itself for an overall impeccable track record when it comes to quality and reliability. Many car critics consider the CR-V to be the very best compact SUV on the market today, offering a perfect blend of performance, economical ownership, and value retention. For the safety-minded, the CR-V has performed well in virtually all crash tests, making it a vehicle you can load precious cargo into without too much worry. Drivers also benefit from a tremendous field of vision and mannerisms that make the CR-V easy to maneuver in tight parking stalls and other difficult situations. Some might say the CR-V is a little too oatmeal, and while it arguably is not very exciting, it makes a lot of practical sense to own.

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