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6 Cars Perfect for Families in 2014

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6 Cars Perfect for Families in 2014

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Too often people mistake family vehicles as being a means of transportation that is completely boring, not luxurious and lacking any technological refinement. The fact is there are quite a few family-oriented vehicles on the road that buck these stereotypes. Each of these vehicles offers several compelling features that will tempt anyone seeking to transport parents and children with a little bit of excitement as part of the journey.

Of course families come in many different sizes and with their own set of needs. The following top six cars for families cover a variety of families, from large to small, and include urbanites, suburbanites and rugged outdoorsmen. When trying to decide which vehicle is best for your family, often the best thing you can do is take the options that sound compelling for a thorough test drive, since in the end you might just love the feel of one vehicle over another.

1. Ford Fusion

Many people think of midsize sedans when anyone mentions family cars. Unfortunately the market segment sometimes has offered bland vehicles, but the Ford Fusion has been a major agent for excitement and practicality. The car can be had with two different turbocharged or hybrid powertrain options, which translates into better fuel economy. The exterior features a sporty design with a hint of exotic styling, including the large front grille that looks like it belongs on a much more expensive vehicle. The driver enjoys sharp handling, excellent braking and available all-wheel drive for even more road gripping fun. Ford also throws in a remarkably quiet interior and wonderfully comfortable seats that make long trips an absolute joy.

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