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5 Tricks to Save Money Buying a New Car

Car Buying Advice

5 Tricks to Save Money Buying a New Car


Most people would rather pull their nails out with a set of pliers than walk into a dealership and negotiate for the purchase of a new car. From the moment you step onto a dealer’s lot it can be like jumping into a tank of sharks with all of the hungry salespeople circling you at every moment. That is, of course, if you go in without the right approach and knowledge. It can literally make the difference between getting in over your head or buying the right car at the right price.

There are plenty of ways car dealerships can inflate a vehicle’s purchase price, unnecessarily costing you thousands of extra dollars before you pay the vehicle off. If you follow these five new car buying tips you can turn the process into a less painful experience by saving some of your hard-earned money.

1. Know what you want before you ever set foot on the lot.

One of the biggest ways people lose money when shopping for a new car is that they have no idea what they want. Use the Internet as a research tool to help you decide exactly what it is you want, down to the model, trim level and optional equipment you want on the car. Know what price you want to pay, but be realistic. Too many car shoppers end up getting lassoed into a higher priced model or get the model they want but with extra accessories they don’t want that jack the price up.

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